It all started on a warm spring day in 2011 when a work friend was worrying about her 6yr olds first major birthday party.  Having a child who loved chocolate cake and Hello Kitty but being a mother with an inability to bake, it had left my friend worrying about the main event – the cake!  Baking has always been a part of my life and having grown up in a traditional family where you picked it and baked it rather than purchasing it, I didn’t give a second thought to offering to help out.  My friend showed me a picture of a Hello Kitty cake her daughter had seen and in my complete ignorance I thought “It’s only like fimo – how difficult can it be?” 

Now for most people looking at a modelled character that thought may not have entered their head, but after 4 years of a fine art and sculpture degree I just shrugged my shoulders and thought I could have a go.  Oh how foolish I was!  Easy it was NOT and I remember spending several hours attempting to get the icing to stick to the cake rather than my rolling pin and fingers!

After lots of practice and several hours locked away in the kitchen I mastered the skill of icing.  My enthusiasm for my new found hobby grew and I began to challenge myself a little more each time.  Much to their delight, family members birthdays were used as guinea pigs for new ideas. When my daughter came along things changed dramatically, as redundancy followed and I had to find work to fit in with a small child. After much planning, consideration and albeit a little trepidation on my behalf The Baking Trey was born!  I have never looked back.  It is sometimes very challenging and I still work long hours, but I get to work around my family life, doing something I love and making other people happy at the same time.   Believe me there is nothing better than seeing the smiling face and exclamation as I hand over a cake.  My passion for my work and tiring endeavour for perfection is portrayed in every cake delivered.